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about online poker CaliforniaOnline Poker California is the most comprehensive resource on the web for everything regarding online poker legislation in the state of California. Our in-house experts have years of collective experience among them, including detailed knowledge of the legal framework within which online poker legislation operates. Ours is a team of dedicated poker aficionados, spanning avid poker players, writers and legal analysts. Our goal is simple: to bring you all the latest online poker legislation as it pertains to the Golden State.

Online poker legislation is different to online casino legislation, in that poker is a skill-based game, while casino games have a definite house advantage. All of the poker bills that we track are explored in detail. Our analysts have summarised the key points, as they pertain to poker players across the state of California. We continually scan for the latest updates in the legal arena, at state level, to bring you news of important legislation for online poker players.

We are exclusively focused on poker legislation in California, however we briefly examine the national framework as it has a direct bearing on poker bills waiting to be passed in the California state legislature. There are two online poker bills of particular interest in 2014: AB 2291 and SB 1366. We will be monitoring all activity related to the passage of these bills, if indeed they are passed into law. California is one of the most important states in the US, because it is the world’s eighth largest economy. Most every major online poker room is vying for a place in the lucrative California online poker market.

Online Poker California is at heart a fun, friendly and didactic site for the online poker community in California. The industry is beginning to blossom, as major developments have been taking place across several states in the US. Notable among these major changes is the fact that online poker is now legal and regulated in 3 states across the country. These include the state of Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey.

Regulation and Taxation

The momentum generated by the regulation of online poker rooms in these states is bound to have knock-on effects across the USA. As state legislators realise how much potential revenue they can generate by way of taxing online poker rooms, lawmakers are eager to get involved. There are many profitable opportunities available at state level, including setup fees, licensing fees and of course taxation of online poker revenues. Each of these components is examined in great detail, right here at Online Poker California. We leave no stone unturned in bringing you the news, reviews and updates of everything you need to know about the legal status of online poker gaming.

Unlike traditional online casino games, online poker presents skilled players with the opportunity to compete against one another within a broad framework that is regulated and encourages responsible gambling conduct. Online poker legislation is viewed differently, because of the skill-based element. Many notable changes have taken place over the years since the 2006 UIGEA. The nationwide crackdown on illegal online gaming sites in 2011 appeared to be the end of online gaming in the USA. However, the Department of Justice, following a reversal by the court, walked back its position that online gaming is illegal. This paved the way for many operators to begin filing their applications to re-enter the US market.

Fair and Balanced Approach

Our in-depth coverage of the industry gives you a fair and balanced approach to online poker legislation. We provide you with the expert opinions of those in favor of regulated poker and those who oppose regulating online poker in California. We believe it is important for our readers and our poker players to gain an in-depth perspective of both sides in this argument, so that robust debate on the matter can take place.

On the one side, proponents of online poker believe that a regulated framework will discourage illegal operators from scamming online poker players, not paying taxes and potentially acting in an unprofessional manner. The tax revenues that can be generated from online poker in California are substantial, and important given California’s major budget crisis. Opponents of online poker have valid reasons for being concerned. They cite the dangers of problem gambling, loss of revenue to land-based poker rooms and other security related concerns. By addressing each of these issues, it is possible to come to a consensus so that those who wish to play online poker can do so within an agreed upon framework.

The passage of any online poker bill will be met with tremendous support from California’s substantial player base. We continually bring you up to date reviews of likely poker sites and poker rooms that are seeking entry into the California online poker market. Each of the operators that we have reviewed is a big industry player. They are all credible, responsible gaming advocates with large numbers of players, and a wide variety of poker games, tournaments and VIP rewards. Our focus is always on the player, and we invite your feedback on every issue that relates to online poker legislation in California. We maintain an active community, by encouraging participation, understanding and learning